Over the past 4 years, Glasshouse Christian College have been dedicating one day a week for their year 10 students to teach them various skill sets through, what they call, The DeLorean Project. The vision for the project is for the kids to develop skills in the four different areas: ways of thinking, ways of working, tools of working and ways of living in the world. This program gives students the opportunity to engage in authentic, student-directed and innovative learning. 

Every year The DeLorean Project team put together an end of year presentation night where all students get to present their final projects to the community. Silicon Coast were there to celebrate together with students, The DeLorean Project team, mentors and parents. 

Rob Steffler and Tanya Cullen have been a part of the program since early days, and together with the rest of The DeLorean Project team, delivered a great night and with keynote speaker; QLD’S Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp who shared her journey as an entrepreneur and finished off with encouraging word to the students, mentors and The DeLorean team. 

This year Rob also announced that he will be stepping down and take on some new challenges and is handing it over his role to Tanya.

Silicon Coast want to say thank you to Rob and his team and congratulate them on delivering another incredible year engaging year 10 students on entrepreneurship. Look forward to see what next year has to offer.