Business community celebrates & supports women in sport 

The Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network in collaboration with Silicon Coast are hosting a breakfast on 10th October highlighting women in sport to better understand how to better support this industry and also realise the business opportunity in this space.

Min Swan, President of the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network, explained that the recent dominance of the Matildas on the soccer field, and subsequent unprecedented signups across all levels of women’s soccer, sparked the idea for this event.

“The overwhelming support and celebration of the Matildas was so encouraging and it got us thinking about the role that we could be playing in spotlighting women who are making gains in their careers, equalising their incomes and how together we are stronger in building and developing this important industry as well as business opportunities in the arena,” explained Ms Swan.

Wanting to explore the topic from a range of perspectives, the SCBWN has partnered with Silicon Coast to deliver this event that promises to stretch the thinking around the opportunities in the sports industry, particularly as our region prepares for hosting and leveraging a range of Olympic and Paralympic events in 2032.

Bringing insights from both sportswomen and those in the business of sports, the breakfast will feature a panel of:

  • Laura Scherian – Sunshine Coast Lightning and former Diamonds netball player
  • Alana Quade (nee Boyd) – Olympian and former Australian pole vaulter, and on the leadership team for Sunshine Coast 2032
  • Owen Bowling – Co-Founder and CEO at Coach Welly, an AI powered wellness platform
  • Nicolle Kelly – Executive Director at Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport, Queensland Government

Olympian Alana Quade said it’s fantastic to see women in sport highlighted and more participation encouraged, with the focus in this space for her even more relevant now that she is a mother.

“With two young daughters aged 5 and 3, I want more than anything to help support them into becoming the people they are going to be and to be strong, independent, proud women.

“With my sporting history and my husband has also been involved in sport his whole life, it’s in our kids’ veins and they’re already showing a definite keenness to be outdoors and active.

“Being involved in sports whether it’s at an elite level or for recreation, health, fitness, or mental wellbeing, brings so many benefits and I want to instill these great qualities from sports and empower my daughters and other young women to be the best version of themselves,” Ms Quade shared.

Alana Quade is also on the project team for 2032, having competed in 3 Olympic Games, and believes the Olympics and Paralympics are going to be amazing for our region.

“It’s an event that brings together the whole world, and while the basis is the competitive nature of sport it also highlights teamwork, comradery and good sportsmanship. It definitely will bring the community together in all aspects and will be a gamechanger for the region’s business, volunteers and sporting groups. While many will be looking to elite athletes for the winning medals, they are also going to be the next ambassadors for their sport, for young children to look up to and aspire to be.

“I hope the next two Olympics being held before our 2032 Games will ignite the flame to get people excited about what will be and what could come for 2032 and beyond,” shared Ms Quade.

Min Swan and Silicon Coast Co-Founder Craig “CJ” Josic will host this powerful panel to uncover how as a community we can:

  • highlight and grow the renewed interest in women in sport
  • build a thriving sports community on the Sunshine Coast for all
  • ensure businesses benefit from this growth and the upcoming 2032 Games
  • discuss what we can do as a community to make equality an outcome

Craig Josic, Co-founder of Silicon Coast, believes this collaborative event is a pivotal platform for celebrating the incredible achievements of women in sports and harnessing the collective power of our community to foster growth and innovation in this dynamic industry.

“As we move closer to 2032, now is the perfect moment to engage in this transformative conversation, ensuring that we pave the way for a future where equality and opportunity flourish in our region,” shared Mr Josic.

Women in Sport breakfast is being held at Maroochy Surf Club.