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Silicon Coast is the leading representative body for entrepreneurship and innovation across the Sunshine Coast. Igniting collaboration by supporting and developing the regional ecosystem;
Silicon Coast advocates for a give first value driven approach; a critical component of the “Boulder Hypothesis”, a term referenced globally by community stakeholders seeking pathways to build a region's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Since 2014 this ethos has led to introductions between entrepreneurs; knowledge exchange; new collaborations and development of new community leaders.

Our Vision
To be a conduit in co-creating the most innovative and entrepreneurial region within Australia.

Our Mission
To develop, support, and steward a nationally accessible, vibrant ecosystem that maximises collaboration, creativity, innovation, and sharing. This is achieved through continuous involvement in activities with stakeholders, supporting industry associations by connecting talent with facilities and councils, and those organisations that aspire to greater success through innovation.

Our Board

Craig "CJ" Josic

Co-Founder & Chief Engagement Officer at Silicon Coast & Forward Fest

CJ is a visionary leader with a passion for inspiring innovation, fostering collaboration, and building a lasting legacy. With over a decade of dedicated work in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation on the Sunshine Coast, his contributions have been instrumental in shaping the success of Silicon Coast and its mission to become the most innovative and collaborative region in Australia.

As the co-founder and director of Silicon Coast, CJ's vision and dedication have been the driving force behind the organisation's achievements. Through flagship events like Forward (FWD) Fest, Silicon Coast actively drives economic growth while supporting and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, including startups, SMEs, universities, and government agencies, Silicon Coast has built a powerful ecosystem that propels progress and positions the region as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

CJ's unwavering commitment to collaboration has been recognized by Advance Queensland, further solidifying his role in building a legacy of shared knowledge and strategic partnerships. Over the years, his experience and expertise have laid the foundation for Silicon Coast's continued success, fostering an environment where businesses and ideas can flourish, and economic growth is continuously fueled.

With CJ's leadership and a thriving community of like-minded individuals, Silicon Coast stands at the forefront of innovation, actively shaping the region's future while leaving a lasting legacy for generations.

Kathryn (Foster) Giudes

Non Executive Board Member & Chair of Silicon Coast

Kathryn has a strong background in technology, sales and early stage start-up companies. Kat has more than two decades of experience designing, coding, building and running large internet-based businesses. Prior to becoming a professional non-exec director, was executive Senior Director of Xbox Games Marketplace as well as Microsoft Store online where she managed the profit and loss and global expansion in over 200 geographies with annual revenue budgets in the low $1 billion of dollars. She has extensive technical and commercial experience in software and hardware solutions and advises companies on strategy and technology.
Kat has started a new venture on the Sunshine Coast, launching highly available and secure datacenters.
Since moving to Australia, is a non-executive Director for two listed companies and a couple of non-listed companies in Australia.
Holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in International Marketing from Oregon State University and Associate of Science (ASc) - Computer Science and Information Systems from SCC Seattle, USA.

Bryton Wishart

Non Executive Board Member of Silicon Coast & Co-Founder of VINTI Tech

A Solution architect who focuses on designing solutions leveraging telecommunication networks and Microsoft technologies. A strong focus on automating solutions to help businesses focus on their business instead of technology. Enjoys working in the start-up world where business environments are dynamic and skills in developing new business units such as managed services from design, implementation and lifecycle.

Rob Steffler

Non Executive Board Member of Silicon Coast & Founder of GCC DeLorean Project

DeLorean Project Founder/Facilitator, Educator, Disruptor, Entrepreneur, Speaker/Presenter... believing for radical change to our Education System.

Experienced educator with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry. Strong and proven leadership/management skills. Expertise in Timetabling, Classroom and Behaviour Management, Educational Technology, and Curriculum Development. Passionate about innovation and disruption to Education and believing for radical change to the system.

Alan Hegerty

Non Executive Board Member & Treasurer of Silicon Coast & Director

I am passionate about scaling purpose lead businesses that are making a positive impact on society and the environment.

The success of any business is not just having a great strategy. What is more important is being able to effectively execute the strategy. Strategy execution is the art of translating visionary goals into actionable tasks.

In addition, the secret to any business's ability to drive rapid growth and success comes downs to 2 key elements: 1. Developing a high-performing culture and 2. Effective capital management (raising and deployment).

I am lucky enough to have over 25 years’ experience as an executive and scaling businesses in Australia, UK and North America. Over this time I have developed a proven leadership model for scaling businesses. Centred around these three core pillars of:
• Strategy + Leadership
• Execution + Culture
• Capital management

I have seen over and over again the positive impact this type of leadership model delivers, not only for the business itself but more importantly for the lives of the business owners and their employees.

My passion is to continue to learn, grow and share what I know to positively impact the lives of as many business owners and employees as possible.

Our Volunteers

Ben Walker

Louise Bertram

Luke Humble

Jordan Josic

Elana Morrow

Gary Swanepoel

Proudly supported by Advance Queensland and Sunshine Coast Council.


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