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Victus Health

Insights gained through dealing with her daughter’s multiple food sensitivities, inspired Sunshine Coast local Pauline O’Sullivan, to create a software solution to help others deal with food-related health problems. Pauline, who was voted as a Sunshine Coast Digital Champion in 2013, was a recipient of an Advance Queensland Digital Champion Award in 2016. When necessity becomes the mother of invention Her company Victus Health, is a globally recognised provider of advanced software for personalised nutrition. In 2013, the company was given early stage support from Accelerating Commercialisation. It was also awarded an Ignite Ideas Grant from the Queensland Government in…
Silicon Coast
March 9, 2018
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Sunshine Coast Interactive Light Wall at Advance Queensland Summit

At the Advance Queensland Innovation & Investment Summit in Brisbane from 27-29 April 2016, the Sunshine Coast Council is showcasing the region’s high-value industries and the innovation and entrepreneurial activity occurring across them. The Sunshine Coast region is a leading area for innovation and business development through key industries -  Knowledge and Professional Services, Food & Agribusiness, Clean Technologies, Aviation & Aerospace, Education & Research, Health & Wellbeing and Tourism, Sport & Leisure. At the summit, we are showcasing that innovation through the Sunshine Coast Council’s display which centres around the Interactive Light Wall. The “Interactive Light Wall” was created by…
Silicon Coast
April 26, 2016
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Prof Stuart Smith

The Sunshine Coast has an exciting opportunity to establish itself as a world leader in interactive digital technologies for health, according to Stuart Smith, Professor of Disruptive Technologies at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). “Australia has a good game developer community which has been very successful over the years; however some of that talent is now out of work because the industry is contracting and declining a bit. Instead, there is a massive market in the application of video games in healthcare settings,” he said. “The Sunshine Coast can take a national and international lead in developing games…
Silicon Coast
September 1, 2015
Chris Drake.jpgBusiness Profiles


CryptoPhoto founder Chris Drake is attempting to solve one of the online world’s biggest problems from right here on the Sunshine Coast.  CryptoPhoto is an authentication technology designed to prevent online fraud by using images, rather than codes, to verify a user’s identify. A user attempting to log in to a website or application is shown a random image; in order to gain access they must select the same image from a selection of photos sent via message to a registered smartphone. The technology is simple, fast and easy to use, and according to Chris it is the only available…
Silicon Coast
July 16, 2015
Dr Prem Ram Telehealth.jpgBusiness Profiles


Telehealth became a point of focus on the Sunshine Coast in January 2014. It aims to provide care locally to people in rural areas using a live video stream where a patient can talk directly to a medical consultant without leaving their community. “Being able to receive a palliative care or urology consultation in your own home or nearby centre is valuable for those who are ill.” There are several Queensland Health centres across the health district which are equipped to deliver Telehealth across 27 specialties using high tech equipment such digital stethoscopes, dental probes and clinical level microphones that…
Silicon Coast
July 6, 2015
ThinLinX Microsoft Silicon Valley.jpgBusiness Profiles


ThinLinX co-founders John Nicholls and Jeanne Moloney-Nicholls established the company more than 10 years ago. The hardware and software development company, founded on the Sunshine Coast, also operates an Office in Silicon Valley, California, in the United States (ThinLinX Inc is a fully owned subsidiary of ThinLinX Pty Ltd). It develops small Thin Client / network computers for private and public Cloud computing, featuring high performance, low power and cost, and longer life than a PC. “We’ll see more people using applications and desktops which are hosted in the Cloud, allowing them to work from anywhere, even their home.”  Jeanne,…
Silicon Coast
March 4, 2015
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Pixel Mosaic

Serial maker/ inventor Mic Black (pronounced Mike) has a mission to motivate and encourage young people to be the new creators of digital technology. “I wanted to show kids that in the digital world they’re in, they don’t have to be just consumers; they can create new experiences with the technology they already know and use.” Inspired by his 12-year-old daughter’s love of art and the prevalence of digital technologies, Mic Black has created Pixel Mosaic, a world first interactive digital art project. “I wanted to show kids that in the digital world they’re in, they don’t have to be…
Silicon Coast
February 9, 2015
zane_avatar.jpgBusiness Profiles

Commission Factory

Established in 2011, Commission Factory provides a platform to online retailers and service providers to establish performance-based marketing through affiliate programs. The company has positioned itself at the forefront of its industry within three years, and currently works with more than 280 Australian and international online retailers to establish their campaigns quickly and gain access to a large pool of affiliates, using bloggers, coupons, comparison sites and apps. Founder Zane McIntyre says affiliate marketing adds a powerful marketing channel for businesses to increase their online presence, brand reach and sales.  Hear more from Zane in the short three minute video…
Silicon Coast
September 8, 2014
Feda Adra.jpgBusiness Profiles


ComLink Limited is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organisation which provides transport and care services for the elderly, transport disadvantaged, and younger people with disabilities. When the organisation decided to move its server to the Cloud earlier this year, the transition created a remarkable online community for its 72 staff and 240 volunteers. Corporate Services Manager Alexander Payne says the new intranet has made a “significant difference culturally” and allows staff to better communicate with each other and share ideas. “Culturally, it was important that they all became connected; a lot of our staff hadn’t been to head office in Birtinya and…
Silicon Coast
September 8, 2014
Marc Osmond_clubwise.JPGBusiness Profiles


As a global business operator, Marc Osmond finds himself operating across six time zones. “If you’re going to succeed, you have to be available to whoever wants to speak to you whenever they want to speak to you; you just can’t just clock on and off between 9 and 5 as the digital age comes upon us.” Marc, owner and founder of Ausfit, says digital technologies have allowed the company to operate on a global scale, with strategic partners in the USA, United Kingdom and New Zealand and development teams based in India and Eastern Europe. “As a supplier of…
Silicon Coast
September 3, 2014

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