The Broadband Today Alliance (BTA) has released a White Paper “What makes a Smart Community” which describes the building blocks required for digital service delivery, based on the three elements of Smart Infrastructure, Smart Capacity and Smart Innovation.

According to the White Paper, the ability of communities to turn to digital technology to create high quality employment, increase community participation and make themselves great places to live, work, start a business and prosper in the future is vital.

BTA President Michael Whereat said Smart Communities were cities and regions which used information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance and diversify economies, solve social and infrastructure problems, support growth and enrich lives in the 21st century.

“Today’s regions and cities need to start preparing for the development of delivering tomorrow’s services. Many are developing smart digital initiatives that are indeed the building blocks of future immersive digital services. This White Paper explores the best practice elements that encapsulate the creation and strategy of a Smart Community,” he said.

The White Paper was prepared as a framing document for the inaugural National Smart Communities Awards being launched by BTA later this year.

Mr Whereat said the White Paper was aimed at Australian cities, regions and communities which were planning or implementing Smart Community initiatives using next generation broadband connectivity and digital technologies.

Download the White Paper “What makes a Smart Community”  

The Broadband Today Alliance is a collaborative alliance of local government, Regional Development Australia committees (RDAs) and Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs) built on the premise of sharing information and advocating for the resources to assist the localised transition to a digital economy. It represents more than 135 local governments and eight million Australians across all States and Territories.