The Australian Government has released a policy for the provision of telecommunications in new developments.

The policy will make infrastructure delivery more efficient and innovative by helping network providers compete better. It does this by introducing charging by nbn to build infrastructure in new developments.

Charging is being phased in to help the development and communications industries adjust to the change, including the cost of backhaul infrastructure.

The full details are set out in the policy.


Developers can choose any carrier to service their development. If they don’t choose another carrier, nbn is the provider of last resort (IPOLR) in larger developments (100 lots or more) and Telstra is the IPOLR in smaller developments (less than 100 lots), until the NBN rolls out in the area. Charges still apply when carriers operate as IPOLRs.

Other important information

With these new arrangements, it is important that people buying property in new developments check developers have arranged for quality telecommunications before buying.

The Government is now working on new rules to deliver minimum standards for telecommunications in new developments and industry coordination.

To support the provision of telecommunications in new developments, Part 20A of the Telecommunications Act and associated rules require some developers to install pit and pipe infrastructure for use by carriers.

People involved in the construction of larger buildings are encouraged to follow the Digital Building Telecommunications Access guideline published by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). It’s available from the publications section of the ABCB’s website.