Digital Sunshine Coast and Regional Development Australia (RDA) Sunshine Coast have teamed up with Sunshine Coast Council to launch Speed it Up, an Australian-first initiative using an interactive online map to demonstrate where business grade broadband is available across the region.

The campaign will also highlight where people cannot access broadband and will forward this information to telecommunication providers so they know where to invest and develop infrastructure in the region.

Speed it Up is a priority action in the Digital Sunshine Coast Action Plan launched on 3 June at the Coastal Revolution event hosted by Kawana Waters Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It follows public consultation in 2014 which identified the lack of appropriate digital infrastructure as the number one issue on the Sunshine Coast.

RDA Sunshine Coast Chair Tony Riddle said the multi-stage Speed it Up project was a step in the right direction to address the region’s digital infrastructure challenges and opportunities.

“This campaign will identify demand for business grade broadband and highlight the areas where business grade broadband is currently available using information from participating telecommunications providers and displayed in an integrated user-friendly online map,” he said.

“We will use the information captured through this campaign to advocate for greater business grade broadband coverage on the Sunshine Coast. It will provide an understanding of what businesses can afford to pay and give telecommunications providers information about where to invest and develop cost-effective infrastructure.”








How to get involved

  • Complete a 5-minute online survey which includes a speed test and providing details about your business-grade broadband needs.
  • Check the coverage map which shows where business grade broadband is currently available from a variety of participating telecommunications companies.

Mr Riddle said there was a demonstrated need for action including community conversation to further the digital capacity, infrastructure and culture on the Sunshine Coast.

“We already have a variety of highly talented and motivated businesses and individuals on the sunshine Coast who are world leaders in their fields and impacting positively in the community using digital platforms, tools and techniques.

“There is an opportunity for local businesses to learn and get involved in the digital community to further enhance their skills and develop opportunities and networks,” he said.

TOP IMAGE: Russell Mason, Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark JamiesonLinda Delamotte and Andy Eves-Brown. IMAGES: ALEX TAN.