Schoolzine has announced a collaboration with 3P Learning, a publicly listed company on the ASX and trusted by more than 4 million students across 17,000 schools worldwide.

3P Learning is a global leader in online education. Its programs cover maths (Mathletics), spelling and literacy (Spellodrome), reading skills (Reading Eggs) and Science (IntoScience). 

Schoolzine specialises in digital services for schools and their communication needs. Its innovative approach allows schools to produce media rich content that engages with their parents and wider communities.

A leader in digital school communication, Schoolzine’s services include eNewsletters with unlimited content, interactive surveys, calendars and online parent/teacher booking systems and mobile school app. 

“It’s beneficial for parents and school staff to work together to facilitate a supportive learning environment,” 3P Learning CEO Andrew Smith said.

Schoolzine’s multi-functional, interactive eNewsletter platform is “truly revolutionising the flow of information and communication between home, school and the broader community”.

Mr Smith said he was “blown away” by what Schoolzine had accomplished so far and looked forward to seeing stronger parent teacher communication in Australian schools.

Schoolzine CEO Phil Reardon said he was pleased to be working with 3P Learning, whose programs aligned with more than a dozen international curricula.

“The diversity of activities, tasks and challenges in each program instils a sense of achievement and love of learning in even the hardiest of students,” he said.

Schoolzine is also working with 55 organisations and educational partners and recently became a friend of TEDxNoosa.

As a result, Schoolzine collaborates with companies in local and national sponsorship to support schools. For more information visit