Teachers and trainers who are new to e-learning or those already using e-learning content developed through the National VET E-learning Strategy, are set to benefit from the newly launched National VET Content website.

This new site brings together thousands of freely available learning objects from the following national collections: Flexible Learning Toolboxes, Generic Skills, E-learning Innovations, Industry Integration of E-learning, and National Digital Learning Resources Network. Learning objects generally support an element or unit of competency. They are high quality, cost-effective, interactive e-learning and assessment resources featuring scenarios, images and activities covering a large range of topics, from aged care to plumbing and horticulture to food safety.

Ready-made VET e-learning content is now conveniently available from this one-stop site which will also provide a better experience through:

  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Straightforward search options
  • More meaningful search outcomes
  • Social software to like, favourite, comment.

National VET Content contains collections of VET (Vocational Education and Training) learning content that have been developed and maintained with ongoing funding and support through The National VET E-learning Strategy (previously the Australian Flexible Learning Framework) since 2000.

National VET Content offers thousands of learning objects which can be downloaded for free by teachers and trainers to use with their learners.

In addition to direct access to learning objects, complete Australian Flexible Learning Toolboxes are available via the site. These CD-ROMs contain all of the learning objects associated with a particular Industry Training Package qualification. There are more than 120 complete Toolboxes covering over 190 qualifications.