Future-Proof Yourself

TAFE Queensland East Coast in partnership with Sunshine Coast Council and Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast are delivering this course for anyone looking to develop their skills in coding. Get started with the basics of coding using a range of applications to develop coding and programming skills. Students will begin by looking to understand coding principles with a focus on JavaScript. This course is designed for first timers, students looking to develop entry level skills in coding or existing employees looking to enhance their role with coding skills.

Coding is a universal language and in high demand worldwide. It’s estimated that by 2025 there will be a significant lack of qualified Coders and Programmers, with employment projected to grow much faster than in other sectors.

As a result of this partnership, TAFE Queensland East Coast are able to offer up to $200 off the course cost for the initial program.

Course Details

What you’ll learn

  • Experience with the basics of various programming languages.
  • How to incorporate programming into various platforms (eg web / mobile).
  • Use various frameworks to develop the code.
  • Design, write and integrate code into various solutions.
  • Develop an environment to test and debug code.
  • Become familiar with programmatic thinking, fundamental data types, and learn about arrays.
  • Learn how to manipulate data stored in variables and arrays and how conditional statements and loops are used.
  • Create functions, pass parameters, return values, and understand variable scope.
  • Apply object-oriented programming in JavaScript and discover how to create objects, use objects, and work with JSON data.
  • 6 Weeks
  • 1 night per week
  • 3 hour tutorial
Delivery and cost
  • Face to face
  • Mooloolaba Campus
  • $600.00 (limited offer)
  • 22 February 2017

This course is a collaboration between Regional Development Australia and the Sunshine Coast Council, and TAFE Queensland East Coast to support the emerging need for coding skills in the region.

More Information

For further information or to enrol contact TAFE Queensland East Coast 1300 656 188 or visit http://tafeeastcoast.edu.au/course/17760/introduction-coding-short-course

Download the Introduction to Coding brochure [PDF: 516 KB]