If you were to describe yourself as a sequence of colours, what would it look like?

That’s the challenge going out to school students to participate in Pixel Mosaic, a world-first interactive digital art project to be featured at the Caloundra Regional Gallery early next year.

“I want these kids to reflect about what makes them ‘them’ – if they had to summarise their personality in 20 seconds, what would that look like in colour?” project artist and serial inventor Mic Black said.

Using an online app, which features interactive educational games explaining colour theory and creative expressions, students will create a sequence of colours to represent their personalities and interests.

“The aim is to bring fun, new experiences to kids and show them that they can be creators and not just consumers in the digital world they live in,” he said.

The winning colour sequences will be created into an electronic LED tile as part of the Pixel Mosaic consisting of 455 tiles and framed by a traditional mosaic designed by a group of seniors.

“Pixel Mosaic is based on the concept of combining the digital aspects of pixels in technology and the traditional form of a mosaic where multiple tiles are assembled to create pictures and patterns,” he said.

The competition is open to students in Grade 3-10. Entries close on 23 January 2015.

The Pixel Mosaic will be exhibited as part of the Digital Disruption exhibition at the Caloundra Regional Gallery from 30 January to March 2015.

All entries will also be featured on the Pixel Mosaic website as part of an online gallery.

To participate in this creative digital art competition, please register on the Pixel Mosaic website and show your support on Facebook.