A series of five videos are a part of a free online boot camp containing resources to help founders refine their ideas, and develop their start-up. After startup founders have worked through this boot camp series, they will have refined their startup concept, have a more structured approach to working on their startup idea, be informed on their options, and even be ready to prepare an application for an incubator program.

The boot camp video series cover topics including Business Models, Lean Startup Principles, Marketing Startups, Intellectual Property & Intellectual Capital, and Fundraising. The course content is delivered by local startup heroes Retha de Villiers Scheepers, Zach Johnson, Jess Thoms, Mark Ferris, and Dean Alle.

Who is this boot camp for?

  • This boot camp is designed for early stage founders to get going.
  • Knowledge empowers founders, so this boot camp is packed with the basics to get going on your startup!

How to complete the boot camp?

The boot camp series was developed with funding from Advance Queensland, Young Starters Fund, supported by the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Aims and objectives, aligned with Advance Queensland:

Improve capability and capacity: The ESF boot camp is part of a program of activities aimed at empowering young adults to address ‘real-world’ problems by collaboratively building solutions in the form of start-ups.

Skills development: The ESF program develops future-ready skills among participants need to succeed in the digital economy. The focus is on lean startup methods and basic business skills such as intellectual property decisions, governance, financing and online marketing.