“Digital business allows us to live and work in an amazing region.”

Co-founders Craig Josic and Brook Kitson

The-Core’s purpose is to engage businesses and the general community by leveraging off social media and global trends to inspire innovative thinking to create new business and regional opportunity.

Established just six months ago, the team’s current project is using the Minecraft gaming platform to engage the community to envisage a creative, iconic and visionary idea for new smart city in the Maroochydore CBD.

“We believe the best ideas come from collaboration and the sharing of knowledge to instigate conversations. This approach widens the ever-increasing circle of like-minded people to inspire and be inspired.”

What are the operating advantages and challenges to being based on the Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast Council has been very supportive of the development of a digital industry here. However, from a national perspective some departments of the Federal and State Government regulations aren’t doing start ups any favours.  We have always been known as an inventive country; let’s make it easier for start ups so that we can future-proof our country’s economic prosperity.

We also need to secure data speeds that are faster than the rest of the country. If we had the data carrying capacity in addition to our lifestyle advantage the Sunshine Coast would be able to retain more of our youth, diversify our regional economy and attract leading digital businesses here.

How are you using digital technology and systems to evolve your business practices?

The-Core’s premise is that it works on collaboration. Without current technology such as social media and embracing global trends (Cloud-based systems) The-Core would not exist. It provides us with the opportunity to get out into the world and establish broader connections.

What are the key digital innovations changing your industry sector?

Open source, crowd sourcing, gaming platforms, video production and social media allow us to work with a mobile platform with anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Do you have sufficient access to broadband and/or WIFI facilities for operational purposes?

We have moved our server capacity to the Cloud (Cloud DC). At the moment we’ve got everything that we need for operational requirements, except speed – we just need more speed.

How do you think the expanding digital economy will benefit the Sunshine Coast region for businesses, families and communities?

If we create a culture that demonstrates collaboration and adoption of digital business, then we would attract the Instagrams, Facebooks and Twitters of the future. This in turn would help to generate the confidence within the region for investment from Venture Capitalists into start ups – from there, success breeds success.

Achievements and upcoming projects

The-Core project has been listed on the Australian Government’s Department of Communication – National ICT Australia NICTA Digital Careers Activity Map for 2014. NICTA is the nation’s largest organisation dedicated to ICT research.

Recently we secured a scholarship from the University of the Sunshine Coast for our next project which will see planning and engineering students compete for their iconic vision for the Sunshine Coast CBD.

We also have a number of other fantastic educational and regional economic based ideas to engage businesses and the community, such as recreate the Sunshine Coast, University hospital, Tough Mudder course and coding competitions.