Sunshine Coast Digital Association (SCDA) is a non-profit association for web designers and developers. Officially incorporated in November 2003, the association’s goal is to encourage professional development, promote the local web industry, support the next generation of digital production specialists, and improve the standard of digital delivery in their industry.

SCDA President Adrian Stein says the association is currently focused on building its membership, credibility, network links and looking at collaborative opportunities for future events. 

Sunshine Coast Digital Association (SCDA) is a non-profit association for web designers and developers.

What are the operating advantages and challenges to being based on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast lifestyle is fantastic. People here are more laid back and easy going, which can sometimes be a disadvantage as professionals here may be overlooked for city-based agencies in terms of work.

Broadband access can be patchy in places depending on where you live on the Sunshine Coast.

Travel time between towns/villages can also be a challenge when seeing clients face-to-face.

How are you using digital technology and systems to evolve your business practices?

As an association, we use social tools such as Facebook and to communicate with online audiences.

Through our regular Meet Ups we help developers and designers to be aware of changes in their industry, such as mobile development.  

What are the key digital innovations changing your industry sector?

Key innovations include changes in programming language, and the need to build websites that work across computer desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

Do you have sufficient access to broadband and/or WI-FI facilities for operational purposes?

Broadband speeds vary across the Sunshine Coast. This is a common theme of discussion at our monthly meetings, including the National Broadband Network.

How do you think the expanding digital economy will benefit the Sunshine Coast region for businesses, families and communities?

Speed is crucial for online websites. The faster we can work, the more efficient and productive we can be as a business. The environmental impact means less fuel use due to fewer cars on the road, less printing and paper waste. It also makes more communication options available within communities across the region, nationally and globally.

SCDA holds monthly meet ups at various locations around the Sunshine Coast for designers and developers interested in learning new skills, networking, and socialising in a friendly professional environment. For more details visit: