Shauna and Johannes Klupfel arrived on the Sunshine Coast in late 2012, initially looking for a lifestyle change.

“We happen to have many friends who own their own businesses here and we loved the entrepreneurial vibe of the small business community,” Shauna said.

“We find the smaller community makes it easier to meet and connect with people, however this also means you have less potential clients than in a metropolitan area.”

Cloud Clicks offers two services: Salesforce implementations and support and online marketing with a focus on Adwords and website/sales pipeline optimisation.

How are you using digital technology and systems to evolve your business practices?

We’ve purposely set up our business to be 100% Cloud-based. This means that we rely on platforms like Salesforce and integrations, Google Apps, Dropbox and web-based task and project management tools. We are always looking for ways to improve our workflows through new applications as they are being released.

What are the key digital innovations changing your industry sector?

One digital innovation is a data driven approach to bridge knowledge gaps using platforms like Salesforce and analytic systems. Tools are connecting different data sources together more than ever to achieve actionable insights. These tools are becoming more affordable and accessible. More and more businesses of all sizes are using these systems to measure their return on investment (ROI) and strategy effectiveness. It is becoming much easier to make educated decisions on sales, support and marketing using hard data facts.

Do you have sufficient access to broadband and/or WIFI facilities for operational purposes?

Yes, our broadband is sufficient however the speed on the Sunshine Coast is lacking compared to other locations.

How do you think the expanding digital economy will benefit the Sunshine Coast region for businesses, families and communities?

As businesses embrace digital technology, they are able to compete on a higher level as they are able to make sales faster and put money into what they know works.

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