Sunshine Coast Innovation Ecosystem

One of the most important factors to ensure entrepreneurs thrive is collaboration. For an innovative idea to grow, you need a supportive environment where entrepreneurs are encouraged, ideas are nurtured through industry collaboration and supported by mentoring, and where start-ups thrive. The Sunshine Coast has a unique Entrepreneurial/Innovation Ecosystem, where industry contemporaries collaborate, and where new ideas, entrepreneurs and start-ups are not only encouraged – they are actively supported.

The aim of mapping the Sunshine Coast’s Entrepreneurial/Innovation Ecosystem is to encourage closer partnerships that will cement the Sunshine Coast’s position as a leading region for innovation and business development.

Sunshine Coast: The place to be – raising entrepreneurial ventures through an ecosystem of support

In January 2018, by researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast developed a research report. Focused on getting a better understanding about the different types of entrepreneurs on the Sunshine Coast, and how the community can better support them, the research report uncovers a range of typical entrepreneurial personas on the Coast, their needs and suggest a way forward to develop and grow the local ecosystem.

The report seeks to inform and guide the development of future programs that will encourage further entrepreneurial activity.

*Download the executive summary here
*Download the full research report here