Regional Innovation Benchmark Report (RIB 2020)

Case studies within the RIB Report

Downloads available 12 noon 6 October 2020:

RIB 2020 report brochure: Regional Innovation Benchmark Research Report: Sunshine Coast 2019-2020

Full RIB 2020 research report (47 pages): Sunshine Coast Region Regional Innovation Benchmark Research Report 2019-2020

This is a three-year research project with year two being released in October 2020, noting the following key observations:

  •  52% of firms in the SC region report implementing new-to-the-firm innovations, up from 48% in 2019
  • 100% of innovators report adopting digital business practices using an innovation strategy, website and e-commerce
  • 34.5% of innovators collaborate, up from 29.8% in 2019 and higher than the rest of Australia
    Innovators report higher business performance through improved profits, growth in sales, customer satisfaction and improvements in labour productivity

Click here for the first report in the series of research: RIB 2019

Sunshine Coast Region: Regional Innovation Benchmark Research Report 2019

Regional Innovation Benchmark (RIB) – Research Outline
The University of the Sunshine Coast, on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Project Team (SCRIPT) is leading a research project which aims to find out how local businesses are innovating and how this contributes to the innovativeness of our region.

Specific focus within this research is placed on the role of collaborators to the innovation process.

Why is this research important?
Accurate data improves decision-making and provides direction for future interventions. For example;

  • Identifying sources of ideas for innovation
  • Understanding the true nature of collaboration in innovation
  • Benchmark our regions innovation among new and existing businesses
  • Understand relative innovativeness of new products, services, business practices
  • Showcase our regions strengths, and develop solutions in priority areas
  • Develop an evidence base about what helps and hinders regional innovation
  • Identifying sources of ideas for innovation

How will my business benefit?

  • Business owners are empowered through knowledge, with a clear focus on goals that matter.
  • New regional approaches to encourage innovation – localised solutions to create jobs
  • Have your say and influence regional innovation priorities

How can I follow this research project?
Register here for the SCRIPT newsletter and to receive research updates:  SCRIPT Newsletter

If you would like more information about the research project please contact: Dr Retha de Villiers Scheepers (Lead researcher USC)