Digital Skills Talent Development and Attraction

During August and September 2020, the Sunshine Coast Digital Demand Survey was open to Sunshine Coast technology businesses, organisations, or employers.  33 survey responses were received from 30 separate organisations, the majority of survey participants had senior leadership roles in Sunshine Coast technology businesses with a high demand for specialist digital skills.

As an exploratory project, valuable information and opinions were captured providing a platform for future investigations to be built on.  Of particular note was the demand for skills such as Cloud Engineering, Information Security (Cyber Security), Data Analyst, Python, Node, and the corresponding opportunity for this to inform future educational products or content.

The survey responses combined with the Industry Conversation Event showed the passion and commitment of the stakeholder community to collectively utilise the survey findings to work towards improving the regional pipeline of specialist digital skill talent.

Download the report here;

SCRIPTs Digital Skill Demand Survey Findings 101120