Old Ambulance Station

Contact Information
80 Howard Street, NAMBOUR, Queensland 4560
Detailed Information

The Old Ambulance Station, is an engine of growth. We believe that creativity is grounded in creative industries but extends beyond them into the mainstream of our community. We embrace creativity as a means of addressing challenges and making the most of opportunities. In this way we provide, by example, business models and ways of working and living which are necessary in the emerging world.

Our Value Proposition
For members of the creative community who seek meaningful engagement in the life of our region, we are a social enterprise which sustains itself financially to enable creativity as a core strategy for growing community wellbeing, social-cultural capital, innovation and employment.

We offer:
· Venues and facilities
· Free services (advice, clinics, Long Table Dinners)
· Creative and social enterprise projects
· Professional development services

Our customers are:
· Creative professionals
· SCAIP Inc. members
· Our community, consumers, audiences
· Funding agencies and public sector clients