The list of successful applicants that have been offered funding under the Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program (#SCRIPT):

Date Applicant Organisation Project Name Description SCRIPT Investment Partner Contribution
2018 Telstra Mayors Telstra Technology Awards The Mayors Telstra Technology Awards recognise the importance in the investment in young people becoming innovators and entrepreneurs on the Sunshine Coast. The competition is focused on bringing creative ideas to life by connecting students with industry mentors to develop entrepreneurial thinking. SCRIPT will help to enhance the calibre of the program for 2018-2020. $28,000 $20,000
2018 Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast Australian Health Accelerator (AHx) Program Sunshine Coast entrepreneurs benefitting from this new six-month Australian Health Accelerator Program which will be based at the Sunshine Coast Health Institute. AHx will proactively assist entrepreneurs in the MedTech, Health and wellbeing sectors to develop and scale their business. $28,000 $20,000
2018 The Old Ambulance Station THRIVE Creative and Health Forum THRIVE was an intensive two-day forum that explored creative intervention and healthcare innovation across the country. The forum highlighted the social and economic value that can be produced when creative thinkers, arts, and health professionals collaborate to deliver innovative projects with health and wellbeing outcomes. $2,000 $5,000
2018 Social Media Mastery and University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) eSports Tournament Weekend tournament for high school students in the form of an E-Games sport tournament which will highlight the career prospects in the e-games industry – thus improving job prospects for Sunshine Coast youth. $4,000 $10,000
2018 STRIVE Project The Strive Project A workshop combining the skills and talents of three local organisations, EasyTeams, Inkee and Speaking With Impact. Together, educating the community, particularly small and medium enterprise groups on how to best utilise these skills to further business and maximise results. $5,000 $1,620



Create Noosa Immerse High Immerse High is the world’s first Immersive storytelling competition for high school students. $5,000 $2,000
2019 SunCentral, SCC, SCCA  The Refinery The first incubator program for creative practioners, helping those with talent and skills in the creative industries to commercialise and scale their products and services. 30 companies will have the opportunity to attend a Bootcamp to refine their idea with help from leading mentors, then 15 businesses will go on to the program in May. $40,000 $30,000
2019 Causeway Innovation, Noosa Council & Innovate Noosa Innovation Masterclass The Innovation Master Class is an applied business development program aimed at owner-manager of small and mid-sized businesses in the Noosa and Sunshine Coast council areas. The program helps business owners understand how innovation can grow their business – and increase profits and impact – and provides the knowledge, practical tools and support for them to help identify and implement new opportunities for their business. $10,000 $40,000
2019 Australian Small Business College Small Business Health Development
A business development program targeted to small businesses operating in the health and wellbeing sector. The program will connect participants to mentors, collaborators, partners and industry leaders to help them innovate and further scale their business offering. $7,500 $20,000
2018-2020 Regional Innovation Benchmark Research Project University of the Sunshine Coast A three-year research project being undertaken with the University of the Sunshine Coast to measure the impact of the SCRIPT initiative from 2018-2020. Comprising of three major components, including a survey, case studies and a final report.  $80,000 $123,000

For more information on SCRIPT’s activities refer to the SCRIPT Annual Stakeholder Report. The report highlights the important role SCRIPT plays in growing innovation, business capacity and employment across the region.